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What is Supertails Pet Wellness?

Supertails is a preventative wellness program that pet owners can subscribe to that makes vet visits and preventative care more manageable and affordable. Supertails is a comprehensive plan designed to maintain and improve the health and well-being of pets. Our program includes a range of preventive care services, education, and support to ensure your pets live long, healthy lives.

Supertails aims to ease financial pressure on you as pet owners by offering a budget-friendly offer to assist with managing pet care costs like vaccinations and preventative care protections.

Instant Benefits

From the day you join our Supertails pet wellness program in clinic you can start using your membership benefits immediately.

FREE Vet Consults

Supertails gives you several complimentary Vet and Nurse consults per year.

FREE Annual Vaccinations

Your furry family members will receive annual preventative vaccinations to eliminate the hassle of the monthly treatments required.


The Benefits

Join now and unleash the benefits!

preventative pet healthcare

First Dog/Cat


Initial Payment


11 monthly payments


Annual Membership

pet food discounts

Additional Pets
10% discount


Initial Payment


11 monthly payments


Annual Membership

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Pet Wellness Program

Simply Follow These Steps:

Pet Wellness Program

Sign up in

Register at the clinic today and engage with our team to discover the advantages and cost savings offered by our Supertails pet wellness program.

Pet Wellness Program

Arrange the subscription

Start saving immediately upon joining and enjoy your benefits. Choose between monthly payments or a convenient annual fee. We’re flexible to suit your preference.

Pet Wellness Program

Pet owner must be 18 years+

Membership in our pet wellness program requires individuals to be 18 years or older, ensuring responsible ownership and decision-making for the health and well-being of beloved pets.

Pet Wellness Program

Monthly payments via direct debit

Supertails membership starts at $549 annually, or $40 per month. Enjoy 11 monthly payments with a $100 upfront fee. Payments are securely processed by Debit Success.


What Our Clients Say

Supertails has been an absolute game-changer for us! The wellness program offers everything we need to keep our furry friend healthy and happy. The plan includes regular vet visits, vaccinations, and preventative care, all at a fraction of the usual cost. We no longer worry about unexpected vet bills, and our pet is in great shape thanks to Supertails. Highly recommend to all pet owners!
- Jodie Mitchell
I was skeptical at first, but Supertails has exceeded my expectations. The subscription makes managing my dog's health so much easier and more affordable. The program covers all the essential preventative care, and the educational resources are a bonus. It's reassuring to know that we're providing the best care without breaking the bank. Supertails is a must-have for anyone with pets!
- Ian Williams
Pet Wellness Program

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Pet Wellness Program
Pet Wellness Program

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